DroneGuarder Rescue New!

We are proud to announce the completion of the development program for its Drone Guarder Rescue. DG Rescue is based on the company’s core patent pending technology, which utilizes the AI Brain of the company’s operating system to deliver a Search and Rescue solution to the end user. DG Rescue has an autonomous dynamic, self-scanning and searching artificial intelligence with the ability to identify people in any emergency. DG Rescue is capable of locating individuals stranded in floods, at sea or on land and is expected to be a key component of rescue efforts in any natural disaster environment. 

More about App

How it works

A user operates DG Rescue by initiating the flight and, when in the air, the drone will scan the local area for persons in distress by autonomously grid scanning the zone while utilizing its thermal heat seeking imaging, infra-red and daytime cameras.

When individuals are located the drone is expected to store the GPS coordinates and drop off essential lifesaving rescue supplies.

During the entire rescue, DG Rescue will stream live video of the flight recording the physical location of the survivor in both day and night time conditions.

The drone has the extended range to return to the same location multiple times

for dropping off supplies and the user can at any time take over control of the flying of the drone if required. The company is also developing linked multi drone reconnaissance squadrons consisting of 5 to 10 drones searching and scanning a large area using real-time position messages between the drones. 

Within the functionality of the app

there is expected to be a seek and search button to autonomously initiate the flight search and rescue procedure.

When customers have downloaded the company’s app, they will have an inherent location beacon that will ping back to the drone as an advanced feature so the survivor can make their location known even as the drone is autonomously searching for them.

Adam Taylor
(CEO of DG) says

“DG Rescue can be deployed in many different emergency and disaster situations to locate survivors in hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis and earthquakes. Therefore, we expect that many government agencies including; Police, Fire and Rescue, Military along with private individuals and commercial businesses will want to purchase our DG Rescue product.  We will announce the prototype and launch of the DG Rescue product release, so please keep checking back for updates on droneguarder.com