Frequently Asked Questions

In this sections we will try to asnwer the most frequent questions

How does DroneGuarder protect against intruders?

Once an intruder has been detected on the sensor net, you can have the drone fly to the event location. Once there, you can use the built-in mic to issue a harsh warning, which often scares away intruders altogether. If that fails, the high quality, HD film captured of the intruder can be uploaded to the cloud and forwarded to law enforcement agencies. 

Where I can get the DroneGuarder system?

You can download the DroneGuarder security app for your phone through the Google Play Store or AppStore. Once you’ve purchased a DroneGuarder subscription, you can access the cloud service as well.

Can I share this app with my family?

Yes! DroneGuarder is designed to connect with up to 5 phone numbers and 5 email addresses to receive alerts, so every member of your household can be kept updated. You can even prioritize certain contact information to ensure that critical information is sent to the decision maker(s) first and foremost.

What devices does DroneGuarder work on?

DroneGuarder can work on any Android device with a screen – that means smartphones, tablets and embedded Android devices as well.

Is DroneGuarder available for iOS?

We are currently working on porting the app to iOS, but it currently only functions on Android devices.

What kind of drone can I use with DroneGuarder?

Currently, a variety of DJI drones are available and compatible with the DroneGuarder system, but we plan to expand those options as we move forward.

Can I control the drone with my smartphone?

Yes! The drones are designed to respond to commands from your smart phone (as well as it’s native remote), enabling you to give it basic orders from anywhere.




$8.99 USD / month or $79.99 USD / year