How It Works
Put Security Back In Your Hands

Home security is a high priority for most, and one of the basic ways we can ensure that the people we love most remain safe. Leaps and bounds have been made since flawed, traditional security systems were first introdouced – we’re in an age where we can use every day technology to keep our homes secure.

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Watch When You're Not Even Home

DroneGuarder is a drone-based home security system that focuses on simplicity and efficacy to grant peace of mind to it’s users with fast, responsive technology.

Ground-Breaking Technology

Until now, it’s been challenging to detect threats to our homes and our loved ones while we were away – whether simply at work, or on vacation in a distant place. Now, securing your homestead is as simple as getting an alert on your smart phone.

Get Real-Time Safety Updates

DroneGuarder works with a sophisticated home sensor network (sometimes called an Internet of Things based alarm/sensor system). The DroneGuarder app interfaces flawlessly with those sensors to notify you of intruders in your home or yard.

Feel Safe 24/7

Nobody wants their home security system to be easy to spot and detect. DroneGuarder security system will seamlessly integrate with your sensor system and guard your home 24/7.

Drone Patrol

Experience complex technology in a simple and compact package. Control range, vision sensors and the camera with the touch of a button.

Interactive Security at Your Fingertips

Smart control automatically keeps the drone level on uneven terrain. 4k camera ensures every image captured is crystal clear.

One App For Total Peace of Mind

Keep an eye on your home and the things that matter most. Get updates about visitors – or intruders.

Let The Drone Patrol Your Home

While not in direct use, the drone can charge or be set to patrol mode to send live photos and updates to your phone, returning only when the job is done, or the battery is low.

All updates can be customized to your preferences and sent to several places – keeping the whole family up to date.

No More Intruders

You’ll receive alert notifications when sensors are breached, so you can respond in real-time.

A drone will fly directly to the source of the alert and send you live footage of the situation, so you can make your decision – if it was a false alarm, you can simply tell the drone to stand down.

If it’s an intruder, you have the option of using the built in speaker to scare them off and you can save incriminating images to pass them to law enforcement.

A Drone That Has Your Back

Currently, DroneGuarder works with the DJI Mavic Pro – a small but powerful drone made with the latest technology.

With an incredible filming range of 7km, it can capture both HD 720p and HD 1080p in video streaming, ensuring that you have the clearest images possible.

With advanced sensors, it automatically senses obstacles and remains level, even on uneven ground, which keeps it from getting damaged so it can do it’s job.

The DJI Mavic Pro has a flight time of 27 minutes, you can keep an eye on it’s battery level, status and remaining flight time through the app. When it comes to the security of your home, only the best will do.

Experience Drone Guarder App

One App For Total Peace of Mind


Easily access all the information you need at a glance.


Keep an eye on your home and the things that matter most.


Get updates about visitors – or intruders.


Share across your families devices so everyone’s in the know.




Once you’ve purchased the security system, either in parts or as a package, download the Android app from the Google Play Store for use with your phone. Ensure that wi-fi is enabled and remain on that network for the duration. Now to set it up!

First and foremost, ensure you have purchased your subscription to our service through our website, as our app currently doesn’t support in-app purchases. The app will offer a login screen os you can be authorized.

Once you’ve logged in, connect to the cloud service which is the backend of the app. Be sure to also connect to your home wi-fi network.

The IoT device system is discoverable over wi-fi, allowing your app to find it and connect to it. When it asks for authorization, you can use the same username and password as you do for your subscription. If any issues occur while connecting, error messages and contact options will appear.

The app will then connect to the drone via it’s controller (currently, only DJI is supported). Once that’s been completed successfully, the app is ready for service.

The app will offer push notifications of ALIVE configurable as to the number of minutes to show that it is still connected to the drone and security system, to ensure you always know you’re protected. You will also receive notifications of any errors that occur.

You can then select up to 5 different phone numbers and 5 different email addresses to receive alerts at, allowing you to share your security with members of your family or others. The app can even be programmed to send alert to certain contacts first.

SETTING UP the Sensors for Your Security System


When you first start the app after setup, be sure to start it in Sensor Setup Mode. This has to be done at least once for the system to operate correctly. If it’s not done, the drone won’t operate and all alerts from the sensors will simply be directed to your preset contacts.


Now you’ll want to ensure that you’ve allowed the app to access your Location settings. Once that’s complete, you can take your phone to the location of each sensor and simply press a button to set them up. If the GPS coordinate for one sensor appears the same as another one, you will receive an error message.


Once you’ve set up all the sensor locations, you simply need to restart the app. You’ll then be able to see all the sensors on the map and manually draw a path between them that’s clear of obstacles so the drone can do it’s job.

Using Your
Security System



You will be able to set your drone to “patrol mode”, allowing it to patrol the home in search of any irregularities. It can be set to be as frequent as each hour, allowing time in between patrols for the drone to charge. You’ll be able to see the time remaining for the drone’s charge and cancel a patrol is needed, but it will return automatically if the battery is low.


While on patrol, you’ll be able to access images that the drone records at your leisure – by default, this option is off and in lieu of images, you’ll receive in-app messages confirming that everything is fine, or otherwise, dependfing on what it finds.


If a concern arises and a sensor has been breached, you’ll receive a notification alerting you. It will also send a message to all other devices registered on the app. The drone will fly to the location of the alert and take photos of the area to show you – if the alert was a false alarm, you can flag it as false. If it was a real alert, you have the photo of the intruder and can call emergency services if required. The images taken will be backed up in the cloud for you to hold onto in case you need them.